How to ensure that your artwork is Print-Ready:
  • Finalize all edits, changes, and additions to the artwork (colors, information, photos, etc.)
  • Convert all RGB images into CMYK color.
  • Ensure proper file type (For all paper-pressing print orders: High-Resolution JPG, PDF; for all other printing orders: PSD, EPS, AI).
  • Check if final artwork has high-quality, high-resolution elements (300dpi or higher).
  • Provide links to placed graphics and images, if necessary.
  • Include all fonts; or text layers have been outlined (for Vector Files only).
  • Check if all edges in the artwork have enough bleed (add .25 to your document’s final print dimensions).
  • Include trim/crop marks, & center marks for cutting, folding, binding, etc.
  • Indicate requested paper size with indications for bleeds and page marking.
  • Note: In most cases, to ensure quality printing, a proof will be provided prior to start of printing process.
How to properly prepare a magazine, book, or booklet for printing:
  1. Ensure that all pages’ text content has been spell-checked, all images have been verified and approved, all logos & copyrighted symbols have been cleared for use, and all structure and organization is finalized.
  2. Create/signify a cover. This is the first and last page in your document. Ensure that the content provided on these pages is verified and finalized to be the front and back cover of the book.
  3. Count your pages. Magazine-style printing requires multiples of eight (8) to create “Spreads” for the print layout.
  4. Impose the document into spreads: The file’s page order must be sorted, two-by-two, in a pagination order which will properly print ‘spreads’ of two (example: a 16-page book with page 1 and 16 being the cover should be imposed as 1-16, 2-15, 3-14, etc.).
  5. If your document’s colors extend to the edges of the pages, the document will need to be “Cut to Bleed” in print and finishing production. Add .25 to your document’s final print dimensions, and ensure that colors extend to bleed edges. Add trim/crop marks to identify the proper edges to be cut.
NOTE: A PRINT-READY FILE DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL MODIFICATIONS PRIOR TO PRINTING. Any necessary further modifications will incur a preparation fee.